5 Cool Hot Tub Accessories for Summer

223996906_7df471313e_zThe summer months can be a great time for owning a hot tub. You can enjoy countless activities with your hot tub such as having parties or just having fun together with your friends or family. While hot tubs are already great as it is you can still get some cool accessories in order for you to have the best hot tub experience ever during the summer.

If you want to find out what cool hot tub accessories you can get for the summer months, check out this really great list below.

  • Wireless Audio Speaker – If you love music and you want to lounge in your hot tub while listening to your favorite tunes then getting a wireless audio speaker is going to be perfect for you. Hot tub parties can be extremely fun during the summer and what would be a party be without music, right? Well, having a wireless audio speaker will do just the trick as you won’t have to contend with pesky wires getting all tangled up near your tub. All you have to worry about is what song you are going to put on your favorite playlist.
  • Floating Book or Tablet Holder – If you are a bookworm or you just want to play Candy Crush even while you are in your hot tub then is the perfect accessory that you can get. A floating book or tablet holder will make for a great addition since you can enjoy soaking in the outdoors during summer and you can read a good book or play games on your tablet while you are doing so. This is a really inexpensive yet very convenient accessory that you should consider getting.
  • Spa Umbrella – The summer can mean the scorching heat of the sun and in order to maximize your time and enjoyment of your hot tub then getting a spa umbrella is just what you need to do. A spa umbrella will help protect you from the heat and the bright sunlight during summer afternoons so that you can continue your relaxation in the hot tub for hours on end.
  • Hot Tub Covers – Enjoying your hot tub is surely one of the things you want to do during the summer but you cannot do so if it is always filled with leaves, branches and other debris that can fall into your hot tub water. This can be pretty annoying so in order to remedy the situation you can simply get a cool hot tub cover that can prevent this predicament. With a hot tub cover, you can enjoy your hot tub anytime without having to worry about cleaning it first before using it. Shop our hot tub covers here.
  • Hot Tub Pillows – If you are planning to spend a lot of time in your hot tub during the summer months then getting a hot tub pillow is certainly a good idea that you should try. Hot tub pillows help add comfort and relaxation to your hot tub experience and will surely be perfect for the hours that you spend relaxing during the summer months.



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