7 Common Hot Tub Issues and How to Fix Them

7 Common Hot Tub Issues and How to Fix Them

The hot tub is prone to some common problems just like any other home accessory. Fortunately, with a little knowledge, you can troubleshoot most of these issues and undertake the necessary repairs. Alternatively, you can call professionals from Big Splash Hot Tub Repair company or any other Utah hot tub repair contractor to fix your tub.
The following are some of the most common hot tub problems, which you may encounter in your home, the troubleshooting techniques that you can use to identify them and their respective fixing methods.

1. Poor hot tub water quality
One of the most common hot tub problems that homeowners in Park City, Utah face is poor water quality. There are two main causes of this issue. These are: lack of proper chemical balance or ineffective filters. So, to fix this problem, you need to learn how to add chemicals in the correct manner. Adding more chemicals than the required amount can cause rashes or skin allergies. The other way you can improve water quality in your hot tub is to invest in modern filter cartridges. Such filters can remove toxic chemical leftovers and boost water quality. A professional Park City hot tub repair company can also show you how to keep the quality of water in your hot tub at optimal quality.

2. Water leakage around the filter
This problem is normally caused by worn out o-rings or plumbing. So, if the leakage is due to worn out o-rings, you need to fix them or call a professional to do it. Big Splash can also undertake the necessary plumbing if the leakage is due to improper or poor-quality plumbing.

3. Slow heating
If your hot tub is taking more than the normal time to heat, then it has a problem. The first thing you should check to diagnose this problem is the performance of the filter. Ineffective filters get clogged with dirt, which reduces daily filtration and heating cycle. As a result, this problem can be fixed by cleaning the filters or replacing them with new ones. Quality, branded filter cartridges, which are supplied by Park City hot tub repair specialists, are very efficient in filtering out impurities. They also last long, which eliminates the need for making frequent replacements.

The other thing that can cause heating problems is a damaged thermostat or insulation cover. So, if the filter is working properly, check whether these two hot tub parts are fine.

4. Total heating failure
If your hot tub is not heating at all, the most probable cause of this problem is a damaged thermostat. You could also have turned down the thermostat accidentally.

The other factor that can cause your hot tub to stop heating is improper insulation. So, if your hot tub has stopped heating, check the thermostat and the insulation to determine the cause of the problem. Experts from a Park City hot tub company can fix these two parts, and get your hot tub back in perfect working condition.

5. Frequent need for filter replacements
If you realize that you are always in need of making frequent filter replacements, then you have an issue at hand that needs to be resolved. This problem is mostly caused by failure to properly clean the filter. It could also be due to the fact that you are buying poor-quality filters. When you are buying filters or any hot tub parts, you should carefully consider their quality.

6. Cracked spa cover
Hot tub covers fade and get damaged when they are exposed to sunlight for sometime. Securing the covers with a protective coating such as silicone oil can adequately deal with this issue.

7. A broken down pump
The last relatively common hot tub problem you may encounter at your home is a broken down pump. Such a pump will make loud noises or start smoking. Unless you have prior knowledge in fixing pumps, you should call a Utah hot tub repair company to repair or replace the pump.

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