Can you use a hot tub while Pregnant?

Pregnant lady in hot tubOwning a hot tub has countless advantages which is certainly the reason why many homeowners would like to have one in their homes. Aside from the aesthetic value that the hot tub can bring, it also offers many health benefits too. Hot tubs are really helpful to reduce stress since soaking in the hot tub can make for a very relaxing time. It is also know to help in promoting better blood circulation in your body.

One aspect which is frequently talked about is whether there are health benefits too for pregnant women who use hot tubs. Hot tubs can help with the aches and pains that come with being pregnant as well as providing a great way to relax and unwind. There are some though who have concerns that this may not be safe. Well, this is actually not true as you can use a hot tub even if you are pregnant. You have to ensure that you take the necessary steps though since the high temperature of the water needs to be regulated to ensure safe and continued enjoyment of the hot tub if you are pregnant.

According to medical experts, having a body temperature of 101 F or higher may be cause for concern during pregnancy. This is probably the reason why many women are reluctant to use hot tubs during pregnancy. Hot tubs do tend to become hot and raise your body temperature but you can take the right precautions whenever you do decide to use a hot tub during your pregnancy.

  • Change the setting of your hot tub so that you can maintain a lower temperature. The risks in using the hot tub while being pregnant stems from the increased temperature thus maintaining a lower temperature will ensure that you can use it safely.
  • Do not stay too long in the hot tub when you are pregnant. It is advised that you do not stay longer than 10 minutes in a hot tub so that your body temperature will not rise to risky levels.
  • Monitoring your temperature while in the hot tub is another thing that you can do. If your temperature becomes too elevated then you should get out of the tub already.
  • Aside from monitoring your body temperature, you should also try to monitor the temperature of the water. This is so that it will not become too hot and increase your body temperature in the process.

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