Hot Tub Fun Facts

Hottubs-DrangsnesHot tubs are really becoming popular nowadays among homeowners. This should not come as a big surprise though as hot tubs have a lot of benefits and advantages to offer. It can be really helpful in making your home more appealing and attractive while also offering you a place where you can just soak away the stress and troubles that you have experienced throughout the day.

While hot tubs have become really common these days, there are still several things that people don’t really know about it. For us to have a better appreciation of one of the favorite home accessories here are some fun facts that you probably didn’t know about hot tubs. 

  1. “Jacuzzi” Comes From a Last Name – Jacuzzi is something that is commonly associated with hot tubs. It has long been considered as synonymous to hot tubs but what many people don’t know is that the term “Jacuzzi” actually came from the last name of the brothers who immigrated from Italy to the United States and who was involved in aircraft machinery. In the year 1948, one of the Jacuzzi brothers developed a bathtub pump which was intended to cure the chronic pain experienced by his son. This later on became the starting point for the hot tub jets that we still use even up to this day. So the next time you hear the name Jacuzzi, don’t think that it is just a clever name for marketing purposes but instead it is actually in honor of the brothers who led the way for the hot tub industry.
  2. Hot Stones Were Used in Ancient Versions of Hot Tubs – While the hot tubs that we are currently enjoying today is powered by electricity, the people in ancient times didn’t actually let lack of electric power stop them from enjoying a good soak in a hot tub. The early versions of hot tubs have been known to be composed of hot stones emerged in marble bathtubs so that the temperature can be brought to the warm level desired by the hot tub users. The next time you get into a hot tub, be thankful that technology has really made things easier for you to enjoy a hot tub experience.
  3. There is a World Record for Most International Hot Tub – Hot tubs are not only helpful in terms of the relaxation and health benefits that it offers. It has also served as a way to connect people of different backgrounds. In the year 2012, a new Guinness World Record was actually made when 26 people from different nationalities soaked together in a single hot tub thus making it the most international hot tub on record.

I bet that you didn’t know the fun and interesting details above about hot tubs. The next time you get inside one, make sure that you remember these fun facts and share it with your friends and family so that they can have a better appreciation for the modern invention known as the hot tub.  If you’d like a hot tub installed at your condo or home in Park City, contact us for a quote.

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