Importance of Properly Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Importance of Properly Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Maintaining a hot tub
A hot tub is a large tub or a small pool usually located outdoors filled with heated water and is usually used for hydrotherapy, relaxation and massage. Hot tubs are commonly known as Jacuzzis or Spas.  Jacuzzis in most cases refer to indoor version of the tub but hot tubs are mostly found outdoors.

Hot tubs are expensive and if not taken care of effectively they just might not last for long. In order to prolong the life of hot tub there are several maintenance tips one should follow. These include:

Always keep the pump running.
Stagnant water always leads to formation of bacteria and fungus. Keeping the pumps of a hot tub running all through will create a non conducive environment for the growth of bacteria.

Cleaning the filters.
One should read the users manual about how one should go about cleaning the pumps fitters. Always make sure that there are no debris stuck in the filter basket.

Purifying chemicals
The hot tub should always contain chemicals that increases the PH of water and so purifies and sterilizes it. Some of these chemicals include bromine and chlorine. The PH level and the chlorine level should always be balanced.

Shock treatment of the hot tub
Too much accumulation of chlorine in the hot tub is a health risk as it can lead to eye irritation and bad smells. One should regularly shock treat the tub to get rid of these excess chlorine.

Regular cleaning of the tub.
The hot tub should be cleaned at least after every two months. It should also be cleaned incase the users of the tub start complaining of skin and eye irritation after using it as these are signs of accumulation of excess chlorine in the hot tub.  We offer hot tub cleaning here in Park City.

A good hot tub cover is essential in a hot tub as it prevents loss of water in the tub through evaporation and also helps to regulate the heat in the tub evenly. Please contact Big Splash if you need a new hot tub cover.

Using required temperatures.
While using the hot tub, one should use the required temperature as exceeding them can cause act as a catalyst to the chemicals present in the tub and cause collusion.

Importance of maintaining the hot tub.
Hot tubs should be maintained and serviced regularly. Failure to do this the tub can cause more harm than good. There are several importance of proper maintenance of the tub.

Proper maintenance of a hot tub such as adding of disinfectants and keeping the water pump running all through the day discourages growth of bacteria and so saves the user from having bacteria caused infections.

Shock treating of the tub helps to get rid of accumulated chemical build up in the tub and so preventing the tub from being colluded. This therefore increases the life spun of the tub.

Maintenance of the cover helps to save on money as the cover helps contain temperatures inside the tub and so makes it energy efficient. The cover also prevents dirt from getting into the tub causing contamination of the water.
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