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If you have worked hard enough to set up your own home,  you do not want anything to come in between you and your comfort. However, some damages that occur around the home when least expected. One of the most inconvenient occurrences could be waking up to a  hot tub that needs maintenance.  If you do not want you or your loved ones to endure cold showers in the morning, you are better off staying in touch with Park City Hot Tub Service. Here is a comprehensive look into the top 5 most common hot tub services needed.

A hot tub is one of the most expensive additions you could purchase to spice up life within a home. This means that you are not ready to start incurring losses even before you have used it. For this reason, Big Splash Hot Tubs will always be there to assist with installation. This not only involves fixing the tub in your home but also guiding you in finding the best location, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

With many homes purchasing a hot tub, you do not want yours to resemble everyone else’s. Park City Hot Tub Service offers some of the most reliable customizing services that will ensure your hot tub is not only unique but tweaked to suit your most personal needs. Whether you need a multi-outlet shower system, steam showers and baths, whirlpools with revolving jets, lighting or stereo, everything is available upon request. This will not only add to style but also value of the entire home.

A hot tub is the best place to relax in and unwind after a tiresome day at work or school. However, it could also be a source of serious infections if not properly maintained. This is why Big Splash goes beyond mere installation to offer disinfection services as well. Modern techniques such as ozonation will be implored to ensure your tub is safe to use. An ozonator sprays ozone gas into your tub water, an effective way of killing bacteria. In addition, the gas will also keep the water clear without the unflattering odor of ordinary chemicals.

The reason most hot tubs fail during the cold seasons, when they are most needed, is that very few homeowners think about winterization. It is important to consult us every time winter approaches, especially if you are used to shutting the unit when the colder months arrive. This service will ensure no water is left in the tub’s shell, equipment or pipe so that they do not crack when the water inside freezes. You will be provided with a winter cover and not an ordinary cover to keep the hot tub in better shape.

Draining & Filtering
If you are on a busy schedule, it is not unusual to forget filtering or draining your hot tub from time to time. This shouldn’t be reason to panic especially if Park City Hot Tub Service has got your back. With state of the art programmable filtering and draining, your unit will never get clogged.

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