Weekly Maintenance

Big Splash provides weekly spa, hot tub, and pool maintenance in Park City.

✔ We make sure spa/hot tub is running properly.
✔ Visual exterior inspection for leaks
✔ We provide all necessary chemicals. Keep Chemicals balanced ( Weekly testing of *Bromine/Chlorine + *Total Alkalinity + *PH + * Calcium Hardness) we keep these balanced on a weekly basis, resulting in a longer life for all components including, spa pumps, motor heater etc.
✔ We also add a chemical weekly to prevent scale from building up inside walls of Spa.
✔ We keep inside of cover clear of mold.
✔ Shovel cover.
✔ Vacuum, brush and net.
✔ Advise owner of any issues with spa.
✔ 7 day a week email & text response.

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