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5 Cool Hot Tub Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

When people think of hot tubs what usually comes to mind is a big tub full of hot water being pumped with water jets that serves as an excellent means of relaxation. While this is true, hot tubs have really evolved over the years and now there are many features which you may not be familiar with.

Having a great hot tub experience is not only limited to having a relaxing dip in the warm water. There are now several features which really maximize the overall hot tub experience so that you will feel completely relaxed and satisfied whenever you are in the tub. Just check out these five cool hot tub features which you probably did not know about until now.

  1. Pop-up Speakers – People love to listen to music or audio books whenever they are soaking in their hot tubs. Before, they would usually have trouble in setting up a good audio system near the hot tub since the location is quite challenging. Thankfully there are hot tubs nowadays with built-in pop-up speakers that allow you to enjoy your music and audio books the best way possible. This is certainly going to push your relaxation to a whole different level.
  2. iPod or iPhone Docking – When you mention iPod or iPhone docking people would normally associate it to speakers or to car docks but those are not the only place where you can dock your iPod or iPhone. There are now hot tubs which have a iPod or iPhone docking which certainly makes things more convenient and easier for you. Now your iPod or iPhone can be securely placed within your reach while you enjoy a dip in the hot tub.
  3. Liftable Waterproof Television – Some people want to watch television while they are relaxing in the hot tub but before this was very difficult and inconvenient to do. Thankfully there are now hot tubs with liftable waterproof television sets that will allow you to catch your favorite shows while you enjoy the warm water of your hot tub.
  4. Aromatherapy – Many people love to light scented aromatherapy candles whenever they take a long soak in their bath tubs. This element can now already be found in some hot tub models as aromatherapy is a very popular feature which countless people enjoy. You can easily choose which scent you want to have and you can control its intensity levels using a dial or a button. This is certainly a unique hot tub feature which not many people know about.
  5. Hydromassage Jets – Hydromassage is a feature which adds the comfort and relaxation of a massage chair to a hot tub. The hydromassage jets of the hot tub rotates in specific patterns to create a powerful stream of warm moving water that massages targeted areas of your body. This feature certainly gives you a level of relaxation and comfort like no other.

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