Top 5 Pool Problems and How to Fix Them

park city swimming pool suppliesEverybody would want to have a pool in their homes. Pools are just really fun and offer homeowners’ added beauty and appeal to their home. Just ask anyone who has a pool and they will surely give you a long list of the advantages of owning one.

What many people don’t realize right away though is that owning a pool does come with some occasional problems. There are several pool problems that pool owners tend to experience and these issues need to be addressed properly and quickly if you want to continue to keep your pool in proper condition.

If you are an inexperienced pool owner, below are 5 of the most common pool problems and some helpful tips to guide you in solving them.

1. Clogged Filters – Filters are really important in order to keep out the unwanted debris in your pool water. If this gets clogged then chances are your pool will become dirty and filthy in no time. One good way to solve this problem is to regularly check your pool filter and to empty it once it is already near full capacity. This way, you will not have any issues with clogged filters that could ruin your pool water.

2.   Algae in the Pool Water – Pool water is something that you have to worry about as sometimes algae can become a very big issue. Algae can lead to some skin and respiratory issues which is why solving it is something that you should do right away. To help solve this problem, make sure that your chlorine level is just right. This is because according to studies, algae in the pool water is caused by low levels of chlorine 90% of the time.

3.  Foaming Pool Water – Aside from algae, foaming pool water is something that you should be concerned about. White suds in your pool water is not something that you want to experience as this can be unflattering and unattractive. This is commonly caused by the use of poor algaecide which you should definitely be wary of. To handle this issue, visit the store and get an anti-foam agent and add the proper amount to your pool water so that you will no longer have any issues with foamy water in your pool.

4. Murky Water – Nobody wants to jump in a pool filled with murky water. This is certainly a very common issue that pool owners tend to experience. Murky pool water is caused by improper pH levels which can be caused by frequent use as well as the addition of rain water. To make sure that you do not experience murky pool water, be sure to test the pH levels regularly and add a chemical agent in case the levels veer away from recommended standards.

5. Stains on Your Pool – Pools are usually made of white tiles for its walling or flooring. A common problem that can occur is if these white tiles become stained as it will then look ugly and unattractive. Stains could be caused by high mineral levels. To solve this issue, try to contact a pool cleaning professional right away. This problem may be a bit too complicated to solve on your own but it doesn’t mean that getting the help of professional cleaners is out of the question. Contact your pool cleaner right away so that you can get rid of this issue once and for all.

If you suffer from any of these problems with your pool or hot tub, please contact us for cleaning service.

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