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Big Splash has been providing hot tub and pool sales & service in Park City since 2008.

We handle both commercial and individual accounts. Big Splash provides installs, repairs, and weekly maintenance.

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Our thoroughly trained technicians ensure you have a worry free experience and your spa is always ready to go. With over 20 years experience servicing hot tubs in Park City, you can count on us to make your hot tub ownership as hassle-free as possible.

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Official Dealer of Garden Leisure Spas

We proudly carry Garden Leisure Spas which use eco friendly construction and green manufacturing. Garden leisure also features a highly efficient filtration system which used less chemicals than a typical spa.

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Park City Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • A complete chemical check which includes Chlorine-Ph-Alkalinity-Calcium and Cyan uric acid, liquid and/or tablet chlorine or bromine and/or acid as needed to help keep the Pool /Spa in the ideal chemical range.
  • Check / clean all baskets and bags related to the pool / Spa.
  • Check the pump, motor, filter, time clock, and all other related equipment for proper operation.
  • Skim-net-brush-vacuum as needed to keep Pool / Spa clean.
  • Keep owner aware of any mechanical or chemical problems that may arise.
  • Keep owner up-to-date on new and cost saving improvements in the Pool / Spa industry.

Park City Spa Maintenance

  • A complete check of chemical levels in spa / hot tub
  • Check all spa / hot tub equipment
  • Clean all baskets and bags
  • Brush, skim, net and/or vacuum spa / hot tub
  • Check pump, filter, time clocks, temperature,
  • Add chlorine / bromine tablets to floater
  • Add chlorine and/or acid to spa / hot tub