Helpful Tips for Winter Hot Tub Use

Using your hot tub during the summer months can be a great experience. There is nothing like soaking in the warm water as you stare into the beautiful summer evening. The same thing cannot be said of using the hot tub during the winter months as it can be a bit tough since you need to take the proper steps to ensure that your tub will stay in proper condition.

Winter hot tub use can be a challenge for a number of different reasons. The low temperature may cause your hot tub water to freeze if you do not do the proper checks. Also, your electric bill could go through the roof because of the energy requirements of your hot tub if you do not ensure that the proper steps are taken. To guide you in using your hot tub during the winter months, I have listed some very useful tips below that you can try.

Prevent the Pipes From Freezing – The cold winter can do some damage to your hot tub and one of the major causes of concern is your pipes freezing up on you. To help prevent this from happening, always see to it that you check the hot tub’s freeze protection system is working properly so that you will not be surprised with frozen hot tub pipes all of a sudden.
Use A Insulated Hot Tub Cover – If you are going to get a hot tub cover for your hot tub, it is recommended that you choose
one which is insulated. This is because doing so will help keep the heat in your hot tub for a longer period of time which will in turn help in lowering your energy requirements in maintaining its temperature. It may not seem like much but a good insulated hot tub cover can actually save you a ton of money.
Regularly Check the Water Level – If you are not really using your hot tub everyday during the winter months, it is highly recommended that you check the level of your water from time to time. This is important because if the water level becomes too low, the pumps and heater of your hot tub may stop working and could cause the water to freeze.
Stock Up on Hot Tub Supplies – The weather conditions during winter tend to be unpredictable and there may be times when you could not leave your house because of it. With that being said, it is recommended that you always stock up on hot tub supplies during winter so that you will be prepared with whatever things may need to be replaced in your tub. An extra hot tub filter cartridge, sanitizers, chemicals, and test strips are just some supplies that you should stock up on during winter.

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