If you choose to use a professional pool maintenance company for regular service in Park City be sure they are properly trained and licensed as required.

A qualified pool service company will make all the difference when it comes to helping you care for your investment. Check references and other clients they have to ensure they are reputable.


Close Pool/Spa:
Big Splash Pools and Spas will remove water from your system to prevent damage as a result of freezing. We will shut down your equipment for the off season. We add long term chemicals to prevent algae and other biological contaminants. All actions done with the intention of keeping your pool as intact as possible, to reduce the possibility of damage and aid in beginning the next recreational season.


Open Pool:
Big Splash Pools and Spas will restore the fluids to your system. We will start your equipment and evaluate the performance while checking the system for noticeable leaks. We sill check your pools initial chemistry to protect your equipment and ensure your pool is safe to enjoy.


New technologies are constantly being introduced to the industry. Some will improve your performance, others safety, and some will improve or change the look.

The variety and color of pool surfaces has increased exponentially in recent years. Any of which can completely change the feel of your pool or spa.

In the past year there has been an increased awareness of waterborne bacteria in particular cryptosporidium and its adverse health effects. There are now available several different non-chemical ways to combat those bugs. UV irradiation systems that put a defect into the DNA of the bug, effectively disabling its ability to reproduce or Ozone systems that can also disable the offender. For those who just like easier maintenance, they can add a Salt Chlorine Generator which doesn’t just make it easier but can save thousands of dollars in chemicals throughout the life of the pool.